Students place in Intermountain Region level of National Student Auditions

TVNATS is proud to announce that 5 students from 2 TVNATS Chapter member studios have placed in the Intermountain Region level of the National Student Auditions! These auditions were held virtually.

These students will be eligible to participate in the National Student Auditions at the NATS Summer Workshop, July 7-10, 2021. This workshop will also be held virtually.

From TVNATS member Serena Jenkins Clark’s studio:

  • Elena Crofts, High School Treble Voice
  • Darby Koziol, Lower College Music Theatre Treble Voice
  • Katie Hansen, Lower College/Independent Studio Treble Voice

From TVNATS member Annie Powell’s studio:

  • Connor Vrooman, Lower College/Independent Studio TBB Voice)
  • Kaitlyn Walton, Lower College/Independent Studio Treble Voice)