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Workshops and Events

TVNats provides opportunities for professional growth to its members by sponsoring local master classes, workshops, performance opportunities, competitions, and collaboration with other local musicians.


Find an Artist

TVNATS is dedicated to improving singing, teaching of singing, and performing in the Treasure Valley. To that end, we present three FREE directories of voice teachers, accompanists, and recital venues in the Treasure Valley.

Find a voice teacher

Find a voice teacher for private instruction here in the Treasure Valley. Filter results by location, specialty, skill level, and payment method.

Find an accompanist

Find an accompanist for your recital, church performance, gig, stage production, or community event. Find a private piano teacher.

Find a venue

Find a venue for your studio recital, senior recital, or piano recital. Here is a list of rentable recital venues in the Treasure Valley.


Membership Plans

The National Association of Teachers of Singing offers four tiers of membership. These membership tiers are based on age, years of teaching experience, and degrees in the field of singing, teaching of singing, or collaborative piano. Membership is paid at the national level on the national association’s website. Please click through for more information.


For teachers, coaches, choral directors, and collaborative pianists


For beginning teachers, coaches, directors, and collaborative pianists


Individuals, institutions, or businesses related to teaching of singing


Enrolled students of singing, teaching, or collaborative piano

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