NATS has more than 7,000 members who teach in a wide variety of settings. Most NATS teachers are active in performance as well, and have valuable contacts in the professional worlds of both singing and teaching. Members may access contact information for any other members through the online directory.

Employment Opportunities 

Members have access to the NATS Job Center, an online database of positions currently available at colleges and universities across the United States and Canada. In addition, members may place their profile on the Find-a-Teacher Directory, accessed regularly by students seeking private voice teachers in their area.


The National Association of Teachers of Singing offers four tiers of membership. These membership tiers are based on age, years of teaching experience, and degrees in the field of singing, teaching of singing, or collaborative piano. Membership is paid at the national level on the national association’s website.

Full Membership


For teachers, coaches, choral directors, and collaborative pianists

Associate Membership


For beginning teachers, coaches, directors, and collaborative pianists

Affiliate Membership


Individuals, institutions, or businesses related to teaching of singing

Student Membership


Enrolled students of singing, teaching, or collaborative piano