What kind of topics are you interested in?

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Additional topics of interest

  • Teaching transgender singers/speakers
  • Body Movement
  • Vocal Jazz techniques and music interpretation
  • Repertoire and Repertoire Resources
  • Your body is your instrument- proper care, self massage, etc. from a local PT
  • Singer/Songwriting, Recording Studio Vocal Technique,
  • Optimizing your studio
  • Building a website
  • Optimizing your studio

What types of events are you interested in attending?

What are the best times for you to meet?

Are there any topics that you’d like to present?

  • Basics of Voce Vista
  • Vocal Acoustics
  • Basics of teaching over Zoom
Anthony Ames(208) 870-4465anthonyamestenor@gmail.com
  • Pedagogy, vocal anatomy/physiology. Acoustics basics. SVOT exercises
Annie Powell(435) 669-5275annie.powell090@gmail.com
  • Vocal jazz interpretation, style, etc.
John Hamilton(323) 445-7183Rjhamilton937@gmail.com
  • Brazilian Portuguese for Singers
Curtis Crafton(208) 565-7979curtiscrafton@gmail.com
  • Audition Prep and Polish (others tbd)
Cris O’Bryon(619) 840-7219Cris@vocalcoachstudio.com
  • Recording Studio Prep Workshops, Songwriting, Contemporary Music Theory
Jeff Baker(208) 631-8284thejeffbaker@me.com
  • Websites and tech for studios
  • I have several, and I’d like to curate which would be most helpful to
  • Building a website
Keith McCauley(208) 407-4525keithmccauley@gmail.com

What would make TVNATS more useful to you?

Just what we’re doing, helping each other learn.
Not sure yet, just moved here! Excited to be a part of TVNATS.
In regards to best times for workshops. I can do about any season. I can do most Fridays and Saturday, but week days are usually filled with teaching. If I know in advance, I can usually figure any schedule out.

I’m excited to have workshops started back up again. I also belong to the Eastern Idaho nats and we have started having student competitions in the Fall. The kids work very hard to become ready for this. We would probably need to do a mid spring competition with TV so that we don’t run interference with EInats.
Spreading the word about nats and in turn, making our collective expertise available to school music teachers
Community! Let's have more events and opportunities large and small to get together.
As an outlet to communicate with colleagues and gain more pedagogical tools.
Student performance opportunities
Opportunities for my students to perform, opportunities for me to get peer coaching
Just joining, still learning the landscape
Opportunity to connect into the artists community
Continuing education in any area.
Continued education and community events for members.

What would be valuable for you or your students?

Contemporary voice styles.
Not sure yet, just moved here! Excited to be a part of TVNATS.
Having workshops on the above topics is always helpful and appreciated
Auditions, masterclasses, workshops
Interpretation and technique and various styles.
Performance opportunities with input from our members
The chance to perform with intent to set goals. An opportunity to have divisions for those with special needs. I have a student with a brain injury that has difficulty standing while singing
NATS auditions
Masterclass opportunities
Community— connecting with club members.

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Kylie Evans(929) 777-1340View
Leaslie Crafton(208) 431-4665Lesliecrafton@gmail.comView
Machaela Burt(208) 907-0055burt.machaela@westada.orgView
Jim Jirak(208) 901-5310jjirak@boisestate.eduView
Annie Powell(435) 669-5275annie.powell090@gmail.comView
John Hamilton(323) 445-7183Rjhamilton937@gmail.comView
Marianne Saunders(208) 869-5859Msaunders@collegeofidaho.eduView
Allison Linton(208) 871-1386allisonlintonstudio@gmail.comView
Curtis Crafton(208) 565-7979curtiscrafton@gmail.comView
Krista Blaine(208) 949-4599gracebrookster@gmail.comView
Cris O’Bryon(619) 840-7219Cris@vocalcoachstudio.comView
Jerusha Baker(208) 284-8649Jerushka@hotmail.comView
Jeff Baker(208) 631-8284thejeffbaker@me.comView
D Pdeannapond@gmail.comView
Jeffrey Seppala(562) 686-5342jpseppala@gmail.comView
Emily Roundy(208) 921-3399emilyroundy@gmail.comView
Jaclyn Stapp(479) 366-7894jaclynnstapp@gmail.comView
Keith McCauley(208) 407-4525keithmccauley@gmail.comView